Is my insurance company’s offer enough?

car insurance claim

I got an offer from my insurance company with enough money to cover the damages on my car and my emergency room bill. Why would I need a lawyer when they have already taken care of everything for me?

Always consult an attorney before you settle a case! Again, this is a technique for the insurance company to cut your claim before you are legally compensated.  While an insurance company may be willing to pay your initial medical bills there are other factors to consider in evaluating your claim.  These include: ongoing and continued medical care, surgical procedures, pain, and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of activities, fear and anxiety you may have while driving after the crash out, of pocket expenses, and many others that the insurance company is hoping you forget.  With Smith Horras, P.A. on your team, we will make the insurance company pay all of your damages under Idaho law.