Will your insurance rates automatically go up after an accident?

Most people think that after an accident, their insurance premiums will go up no matter what. If you were not at fault, your rates won’t automatically go up.

If you have insurance available and you’re paying for collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, etc. the fact that you have a claim with your own insurance company does not mean that your rates are automatically going to go up. It depends on the type of claim that it is. If the accident was your fault, and you’re making a comprehensive or collision claim with your insurance company, then yes, the accident is your fault. You have a higher likelihood, there’s a higher propensity for you to be negligent in the future because of this prior accident, and your insurance rates will go up. So it depends on how you set up the claim. As always, check with your attorney if you were injured in an accident, as they set up the claim correctly, and help to prove liability.