3 Aspects you should discuss with your Boise Personal Injury Attorney

1. Claim Value
When you seek compensation for your losses, you need to assign a value to your claim. You need to have a clear measure of your losses.

Many personal injury victims sum up all their losses and expenses and claim the resulting value. Most of them obtain a fraction of that amount and just accept that this is what my claim is worth. Don’t let your claims adjuster bully you.

Under Idaho laws, injury victims can claim more than just property damage and medical expenses. They can claim lost earnings, emotional losses (loss of enjoyment, companionship, etc.), and physical and emotional suffering.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, maybe even punitive damages are accessible. Courts often grant these as a punishment to reckless defendant. This type of damages are also a great way to set an example and discourage other wrongdoers.

Assigning a value to these losses is usually extremely difficult for the inexperienced, along with supplying adequate evidence and convincing the insurers or courts. However, Smith Horras personal injury Attorneys in Boise have numerous cases to turn to for precedents. We also have their own investigation strategies and resources that never fail us.

2. Settlement Offers
Assuming that you filed your claim on time and supported it with relevant evidence, you will probably receive a settlement offer. The defendant will do everything in their power to convince you to accept it.

They will focus on the time, expenses, and energy you save. They may accuse you of being partly at fault for your injuries and will dismantle every piece of evidence you provide. But these are just strategies that Smith Horras experienced Boise personal injury attorneys are ready for

Don’t accept any claim without first talking with a personal injury attorney. Smith Horras Boise lawyers provide free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by requesting our opinion.

3. Will my case go to trial? What is your success rate at trial?
Be wary of any lawyers who tell you early on that your case is going to settle. Even though many injury claims do not go to trial, your personal injury lawyer should expect every case to go to trial and prepare as if your case will be tried before a jury. That way, you can enter settlement negotiations with the defendant armed with as much evidence as possible. This will help ensure that you receive the fairest settlement possible.

Surprisingly, not every lawyer wants to go to trial. If your case ultimately goes to trial, you want to make sure that your personal injury attorney has won cases before a jury. Smith Horras Boise personal injury attorneys have an amazing success rate, and wealth of experience.

You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation, and getting advice from Smith Horras Attorneys at Law. Call today! 208-697-5555